Erotic massage for ladies

Every good woman should know her body and how to handle it. Dear ladies, come to us and improve your knowledge of touching your body and come to strong and wonderful orgasm.  Our experienced masseuses will help you with that. Try techniques you haven´t tried yet without embarrassment. Only you define the limits!

  • It Is optional to include body to body massage to massage for ladies
  • Massage of the whole body with aromatic massage oils and focus on intimate areas
  • We will fulfil your requirements or follow your desired scenario

Erotic massage for ladies includes:

  • Common shower with masseuse (or alone, as you wish)
  • Naked masseuse (optional with lingerie)
  • Whole body massage using warm oil
  • Massage of intimate body parts and erotic zones
  • Fresh drink water

Erotic massage for ladies effects:

  • Supports self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Blood perfusion of brain and whole body
  • Improves mind focus
  • Opens new horizons
  • Leads to better body exploration
  • Removes embarrassment
  • Relaxes mind and body