Erotic massage for couples

If you both desire the erotic massage for you together, its very easy to book massage for couples and enjoy common arousal and passion together. It is a very intense experience definitely worth trying. It is only about you and your dreams. There can be two masseuses spoiling you at the same time or one by one. It is only your choice. We aim to fulfil your fantasies so please inform us about your preferences and how you would like the massage for couples to happen.

Erotic massage for couples includes:

  • Massage in the light of candles and romantic music
  • Whole body massage using warm oils with focus on intimate parts
  • Optional choice of more attention for you or your partner
  • There is no need to hurry at the end of massage, you will have time to share feelings with your partner
  • Fresh drink water

Erotic massage for couples effects:

  • Deepening of mutual self-confidence and trust
  • Mutual connection to partner, his/her and your intimate feelings
  • Stepping out of stereotype
  • Sharing an erotic experience
  • Passion